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Created 6/20/2002 (6/20/2002) For many newcomers to e-mail, it's capabilities seem endless. Thus, it's easy to see why "forward this and something will happen" chains survive. Unfortunately, it's an empty promise.


A big hello to you guys, forward this to at least 11 people and see what happens on your screen. You will laugh your head off!!!!!!!!!!! If you forward it to 11 people a video comes on your screen. this works. I don't know how...but it works. Somehow, from the return path generated, you'll receive something, and IT IS FUNNY!!!

This is the coolest thing I have ever gotten. All you have to do is send it to 11 people and watch your screen. It is the funniest clip. I can't tell you what it is, but I was laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair!!! So, send it to those 11 people and watch.

ps: it is really true. Pass it around.

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Any letter that has to point out how true it is, probably isn't. You can forward this all you want and nothing magical will appear on your screen, except maybe a few angry replies from your friends who can't believe you fell for it.

This was probably the original "forward this and something will appear" message. Apparently, some felt it would be more convincing if you had an idea of what was so funny about the clip. The McDonald's v. Taco Bell and Bad Barbie Jokes chains are just two variations on this theme.

What this e-mail promises is technologically impossible. E-mails cannot contain invisible video clips, there is no such thing as a "return path," and absolutely no way anyone or anything can track how many people you forward this message to. Sorry to disappoint, but it just won't happen. Break this Chain!

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