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Created 12/3/2001 (12/3/2001) What better way to show your friends you care about them than to forward a poem that threatens terrible consequences if they don't send it on? Ironically, the real risk comes from forwarding it.


i was sitting there
watching TV
babysitting my little brother
he was sleeping
i thought everything would be OK
the phone rang
i picked it up
"hello?" i said
no answer
"hello??" i said again
no answer
i hung the phone up
i sat back down..
it rang again
"hello?" i said
no answer
"okay this isnt funny" i said again
"im watching you" the other end said
"who is this?" i asked
the voice was a man..deep and scary..
"youll see..just wait" he said
i hung the phone up
i ran to the door and locked it
i shut all of the windows
and locked them too
i shut the blinds
my heart was racing
who was that guy?
the phone rang again
i jumped..nearly falling
i picked it up
"Hello?" i said
"Oh yea,by the way, you better check your little brother"
"who the hell is this?!"
"im watching you" he said
"who is this!!!???"i yelled
"your brother is crying for you" he said
i slammed the! receiver down
i ran upstairs
i opened the door to my brothers room
he lay there alseep
okay, this is a prank i said to myself
i went downstairs
the door was wide open
i nearly fainted
i wanted to call 911
didnt i lock it?
the phone rang again
"hello....?"i said
"was your brother okay?"
"who the heck is this?!" i yelled
"you tell me sweet cheeks" he said
i picked up a piece of paper
i started to write down what he was saying
to tell the police later
"what are you writing?" he asked
"how did you know im writing something?" i asked
"i told you.. im watching you" he said
he hung up
i checked all closets
i picked the phone up
i pressed 9-1
i was pushed
i fell to the ground
i turned around
a man with a ski mask on was standing over me
"why are you calling the police?"he said
"thats not very nice..! ...........
okay..ill teach you a lesson" he said
he grabbed my hair
he pulled out a gu! n
he pointed it to my head
he let go
he said,"come! with me"
i didnt move
he pulled me up
he forced me upstairs
"say goodbye to your little brother" he said
i started crying
he pushed me into the bathroom
he pushed me into the bathtub
he fired the gun
i was hit in the head....
im in the hospital
wheres my brother?
is he okay?
i was hit in the head with the gun
but not the bullet
he made me see black
im okay
a hit to the head
a few bruises
my brother unfortunatally was murdered
he was only 6 years old
im sorry for my bad babysitting mom and dad
i just want to die
why didnt the man take me
he murdered a little boy
not being able to learn how to read better
or get his first kiss
i miss him already
the man stole all of our stuff
and left my family and i very sad
i visit my little brothers grave everyday
i put a rose each day on his tombstone
i love you and im sorry......


save someones life


The poem (if this rambling, poorly written piece of drivel can even be called that) is terrible, but the negative tone and closing threat are spooky enough to make many people send it on. It's unclear whether the author is suggesting that your failure to forward this 10 times will produce bad luck or if somebody is monitoring if you forward it and will punish you if you don't. If you believe a chain letter can influence your luck, there's not a lot I can say that will console you. But I can tell you that it is impossible for anyone else to monitor if you forward the note 10 times. E-mail is a text file with no programming built in that would allow for tracking. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
The story elicits sadness and fear. It makes you forward it to your friends, who read it and experience the same emotions. So, all you're doing when you forward it is spreading fear and sadness among your friends. This isn't likely to make you the hit at parties. In a recent poll of readers, friendship and good luck chains were identified as the most annoying type of chain letter.

There is one real danger in forwarding it, though not life-threatening. Every time you send an e-mail, your e-mail address, and those of the people you send it to, are added to the message's header, where they can be viewed by virtually anyone. The copy of this chain I received contained more than 170 e-mail addresses in the header. People who sent junk e-mail ads often collect addresses from the headers of chain letters, so forwarding e-mail can increase the amount of spam you get. Rather than protecting you from a fictitious threat, forwarding this message is most likely to guarantee you and your friends get more junk mail. Break this chain!

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