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Exclusive (8/13/2001) Scams are real. At any given moment, there is somebody out there who is trying to get somebody else's money through less-than-honest means. The problem with e-mails warning about the scams is that they often outlast the scam itself.


There is a brand new mobile phone scam going around that comes in the form of a SMS.

The message will say something along the lines of "Please call me on 09011500065 Urgent" it will say it is from "KB" Do not call this number, it is premium rate number charged at 5:00 per minute.

Also when you call it you will get an engaged tone; this is not a real engaged tone it is simply a recorded sound that will make you call again, and again, and you are CHARGED!!

Please pass this message on to all your friends.

Best regards
David Ross
Carphone Warehouse

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Correspondence to the press office at Carphone Warehouse ( regarding this scam is responded to with the following note:

"Thank you for your email. The email you refer to was NOT sent from David Ross of The Carphone Warehouse but unfortunately someone used his name. The scam however was legitimate but no longer exists as the number has been barred."

Short and to the point. Break this Chain!

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