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Exclusive (7/21/2000) This one is most frequently included in a message with a couple of other hoax warnings like the Cellcom Screen Saver and "Win A Holiday" viruses.


Beware! If someone named SandMan asks you to check out his page-DO NOT! It is at This page hacks into your C:\drive. DO NOT GO THERE. FORWARD THIS MAIL TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW.

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As we point out in our Top 10 Signs of an E-mail Hoax, messages that give dire warnings, warn that something will affect your hard drive, and beg you to forward them on to everyone you know, are most likely hoaxes. This one has all of those ingredients. Other signs that this one is a hoax is that it lacks verifiable proof (such as a web site), isn't dated, and doesn't cite an author.

Is this type of attack possible? Theoretically, yes. Some browsers contain security holes that might allow a malicious hacker to create a web page that can steal or corrupt information on your machine. All of the major browser manufacturers have security fixes available that will prevent this, though. Check with Microsoft or Netscape for information on how to make sure your browser is secure.

Despite that possibility, this message is completely false. For more information, consult IBM AntiVirus.

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