Break the Chain If you got this e-mail, you're lucky - Don't bet on it!

Exclusive (5/9/2000) This message hit our inbox in early May and made us wonder if the hoaxters have just lost their creativity.


If you got this email you're lucky!(don't delete)

You have just won a 100 dollars!....... but you will only get the money if you send this to 5 or more people. A box will appear on the screen after you have sent it! It really works ... try it!

Take 5 min.out of your time and send this...believe me you won't be sorry!!

0-2 people: $10
2-4people: $20
4-6people: $50
6-8people: $75
8-10people:$ 100!!!!!!!! Keep on sending!!!!!

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Wow! One hundred dollars, and you didn't have to enter any sweepstakes, or fill out a questionnaire, or sacrifice your first-born, or anything! Ain't America great?! But, wait...Who is giving me this money? How will you know if I send it to 5 or more people? How does forwarding a simple text message make a box appear on my screen?

But hey! Why not? It could be true!

...And monkeys might just fly out of my butt!

This is a skeleton of an e-mail hoax with no creativity, no fake facts, and no reason to believe it - But it's circulating anyway. It alludes to e-mail tracking, which is impossible. The AOL/Microsoft Merger hoax is a classic example of the e-mail tracking scam. The magical "pop-up" box is reminiscent of the magical video clip hoaxes of which the McDonald's vs. Taco Bell scam is one.

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