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Created 5/8/2002 (5/8/2002) The many variants of the Klez worm keeps e-mail administrators and anti-virus experts hopping. One version has many e-mail users scratching their heads because it pretends to be a cure for the virus.


Subject: Worm Klez.E immunity

Klez.E is the most common world-wide spreading worm.It's very dangerous by corrupting your files.

Because of its very smart stealth and anti-anti-virus technic,most common AV software can't detect or clean it.

We developed this free immunity tool to defeat the malicious virus.

You only need to run this tool once,and then Klez will never come into your PC.

NOTE: Because this tool acts as a fake Klez to fool the real worm,some AV monitor maybe cry when you run it.

If so,Ignore the warning,and select 'continue'.

If you have any question,please mail to me.

SIZE.bat (Binary attachment)

END CHAIN LETTER TEXT - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
The file attachment included with this e-mail actually is the Klez worm and will infect your system if you open it. This is just one of the many forms the Klez worm has taken. It propagates by searching your computer and the Internet for e-mail addresses, so infected messages could appear to be coming from someone you know or a web site you have visited. This bit of trickery makes it particularly sinister.

This letter demonstrates one of the biggest dangers of relying on e-mail warnings to protect yourself from viruses. There is no substitute for antivirus software. It is inexpensive, readily available, and well worth the investment. Read "Protecting Your PC" in the Chain-Breaker's Library for real ways to prevent unwanted intrusions on your data and never forward another virus warning. Break this chain!

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References: F-Secure

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