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Created 12/10/2002 (12/10/2002) This has to be the most creative "forward this to pay for an operation" chain letter I've seen in years. Nevertheless, there's still no reason to believe it.


READ this, it's sad

"Hi, my name is Meghan Shannings. I am 13 and in the 7th grade. There is this one kid who doesn't have any friends. Put it this way: he is a geek and a total loser. All the other kids in my grade make fun of him and push him around. I have to admit it, I WAS kind of mean to Kevin Fisherman, the boy. One Friday on our way home from school, everyone started making fun of Kevin, you know, spitting on him, tripping him, and one kid even pushed him into the streets. You would never believe who that was: Joey O'Connors, my boyfriend. I laughed. I laughed hysterically. I didn't think about what I was doing. I just laughed. One second later, he was in the streets with his head face flat on the ground, he was bleeding everywhere, and his books fell in a pile of mudd. Suddenly, I stopped laughing. I felt really bad for this kid, and I know he was crying inside. Then it hit me, Kevin was hurt. He was hurt really bad. I didn't know what to do, I just stood there staring. Then a car came by, they didn't hit Kevin, but the car did stop.

"Oh my Gosh! Who the heck did this to my son?! Who?!"

No one said a thing, so Mrs. Fisherman, the driver, we think, replied, "Fine! If no one wants to pipe up, I'll blame all of you!" And with that she called 911. Inside, I was sort of crying. The next thing I knew, I was at home with my mom screaming at me. "Mom, it WASN'T me!"

"Meghan Eleizabeth!! YOU might have not pushed him, but you LET other people push him. So, you ARE a part of the problem! Go to the hospital! Now! That is a command!"

"But mom.........." I didn't get to finish. My mom pushed my out of the door, and I walked to the hospital wondering what Joey would say if he saw me caring for Kevin. But I thought about it, I'd rather Kevin be okay then be Joey's boyfriend. Really, Joey DID start this, so HE should be the one down here. I told myself that if Joey breaks up with me because I was checking on Kevin, the two of us were never ment to be. When I got to the hospital, I saw a nurse come out to Mrs. Fisherman. I could here her say this: "Don't you worry Jean, Kevin will probably be okay, but, it will cost $500 to pay for the operation."

"No, no," Mrs. Fisherman sobbed, "you can't do this, we don't have enough money to pay," the nurse replied, "Well, Jean, we are offering to pay $2.00 for every signature you can get."

I offered "Um, Mrs. Fisherman, I-I could start an e-mail going and try to get 250 signatures."

So,do you agree that that was sad. I do. Please help Kevin. The only way he will live is if we get 250 names below. If you care, you will sign, so please sign. You count. Please copy this list to a new e-mail and add your name and send it to as many people you know. Thanks for your help. It will make it so much easier if you don't send this back to the person who sent it to you, signing this sheet is just enough to show that you care. Please send this on to everyone you know, it will make a big difference.

1.Meghan Shannings
2.Jean Fisherman(Kevin's mom)
3.Mark Fisherman(Kevin's dad)
4.Erin Fisherman(Kevi's Sis)
5.Tara Sampson(Meghan's bff)
6.Michelle Oddors(Meghan and Tara's bf)

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There's no reason to believe the story is true. Despite an unusual level of detail in the character's names, we're given no dates or location that these event supposedly took place. It's also unlikely that the hospital (which is is also not identified in the tale) would make a life-saving operation contingent on collecting signatures for some unnamed purpose. Why would any hospital pay $2 apiece for names collected from the Internet? What value could that possibly have? Couldn't Meghan just as easily pull 250 names from the phone book and claim it came from the Internet?

The most compelling argument against the claim that signing and forwarding this chain letter will help save anybody's life is that there is no way for anyone to collect the signatures. If Meghan is real, she didn't provide any means for returning "signed" copies to her. Thus, even if the story is true, propagating this chain letter will do absolutely nothing to help pay for Kevin's surgery.

While the names and personal feel make this one seem more credible than the run of the mill "For the Children" chain letter, it is just a juvenile hoax to fool people into sharing their name and e-mail address with strangers. Break this chain!

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