Break the Chain "Hope" Springs Eternal

Exclusive (12/11/2001) The original must not have been inventive enough to please some hoaxter, so he or she added one small line of text to it, changed the subject, and revitalized the hoax.


Subject: Fwd: FW: I sure hope this works

If you got this email you're lucky(don't delete). You have just won a 100 dollars!....... You will only get the money if you send this to 5 or more people. A box will appear on the screen after you have sent it! It really works.... try it! Take 5 min. out of your time and send this...believe me you won't be sorry!!

0-2 people: $10
2-4people: $20
4-6people: $50
6-8people: $75
8-10people:$ 100!!!!!!!! Keep on sending!!!!!     why wouldn't you?

END CHAIN LETTER TEXT - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
The text of this message is identical to another hoax that we first reviewed in May. What gives this version staying power is the addition of a single line of text featuring the URL for, a web search engine that offers cash giveaways.

Despite what iWon does, what this message talks about is impossible. An e-mail messages cannot cause a box to appear on the screen, and there is no way for anybody to track how many times you forward a message. Furthermore, in a statement on their web site, iWon firmly denies using e-mail promotions of any sort. Break this Chain!

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