Break the Chain Forward or Die

Exclusive (4/12/2002) Typically, e-mail tracking hoaxes offer prizes for forwarding them, or claim you must forward them to keep your e-mail account from closing. This one takes the incredible leap into "forward this or die."


Don't Open in Front of Parents....

Five people actually got killed by not sending this piece of mail.

The creator of this mail has a program that will track down everyone who sent this mail and whoever that didn't send it will DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE because this program can actually track down your address. We Will bring the Girly Thug gang and kill kill kill

Send this to 15 people within the next fifteen minutes or you will die die die die die, what do you have to lose? Your life so pleaz send this on to


This chain, and others like it, are targeted to teen users of Internet service chat rooms and communities like Hotmail and Yahoo! Most forward it on knowing it's a hoax, but they want to share the scare with others. Maybe they suspect it's a hoax and pass it on just in case it's not. Some forward everything they receive, no matter how ridiculous it is. And, I'm sure some forward it because they genuinely believe it. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
But what this letter claims is impossible. There is no program that can "track down everyone who sent this mail." At this time, e-mail technology does not allow this type of tracking. It is a popular hoax, but it just can't happen.

Why do people create hoaxes like this one and target them toward teens? One possibility is that hoaxes like this are just done in the spirit of practical jokes. "Let's see how many will fall for this one."

But, perhaps there's a darker agenda. Chain letters like this one can be used by scammers, spammers and stalkers to collect e-mail addresses. The version of this chain I received had nearly 600 e-mail addresses in the header! In the wrong hands, a list like this one could be used to do some real damage, from sending you inappropriate advertising, to stealing money from you, to stalking and physically harming you.

Nobody will track you down if you don't forward this chain letter, but they may track you down if you do. The consequences may not be deadly, but they're much more real. Protect yourself. Break this Chain!

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