Break the Chain Divided We Fall

Exclusive (9/17/2001) Of all the post-attack chain letters I've seen, this one is, hands-down, the most offensive and potentially the most damaging to the image of America.


Hello groups,

I felt I needed to post this letter to let you know about some of the large companies we use.

We live at Ft. Belvoir, VA about 10 miles away from the Pentagon. My husband is in the Army and we have a strong support system. We've had quite a few loses here on our post. One is too many. Our military police are working around the clock to secure the post and our military men and women are working overtime.

There are groups on our post that have dedicated their time and efforts to help our hard working military police and service members by feeding them warm meals and having coffee and drinks on hand. They've asked for local support and that is what I thought you needed to hear about.

Our local SAFEWAY has donated $27,000 to feed our military members and help with the efforts in DC.

When FOODLION was asked, they declined. Their response was that "the military population didn't generate enough business to honor this request." After hearing what SAFEWAY did, they then offered 20% off of the grocery bill. Not good enough. As it turns out, FoodLion is the closest civilian grocer to the military base. Go Figure!

When MICHAEL'S CRAFT STORE was asked to help with donation of ribbons, they offered to sell them for $5.00 a piece.

JOANN FABRICS donated all the ribbon needed without a problem. SAM'S WHOLESALE and CVS has been wonderful.

You must realize that a majority of our post are enlisted folks that have a difficult time getting by paycheck to paycheck. We rely on donations from our community at times like these.

I'm sure I can't get everyone to BOYCOTT these two stores, MICHAEL'S and FOODLION, but please think before shopping there again. When faced with a tragedy of this kind, we should all come together for the good of America and not to be worried about profits.

Thank you for reading this.


E-mail is global - the words that we send each other now will eventually be read all over the world. At a time when we should be projecting an image of a nation united in times of tragedy, this chain portrays us as a nation of spoiled children who are eager to punish anyone who doesn't act or think the way we feel they should. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
It is exactly that image of America that may have precipitated the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Many in the world resent America's use of its economic and military power to force its values upon others. It is no coincidence that the targets hit were perhaps the most visible symbols of military and economic power in America (and the world).

Now, we're showing the globe that in a time of tragedy, we'll even turn on each other for not reacting as we feel we should. One of the things that make the U.S. great is the freedom to make our own decisions and to be as involved as we choose to be. So some companies won't contribute as generously as others. SO WHAT? On a personal level, have you given more to the disaster relief than your neighbor? We don't know the real motivation behind Foodlion's and Michael's decisions, no matter what questionable fourth-hand information this chain letter provides. Some people (and companies) can give more than others - it's as simple as that. Those who can't (for whatever reason) should be given the freedom to do what they can without shame or fear of retribution.

To use this chain's author's own words against him or her: "When faced with a tragedy of this kind, we should all come together for the good of America..." Chain letters like this one lead the world to doubt our ability as a nation to stand united against terrorism. We simply cannot afford to be divided. Break this Chain!

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