Break the Chain Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Exclusive (10/29/2001) The people of the United States - and the world - have been extremely generous to support relief efforts and the families of those killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. But, it was inevitable that as the tally board continued to climb upward, that somebody would ask the question "how much is too much?"


I totally feel that all of this money should be given out fairly. These families absolutely should not become millionaires! I do believe that they should get alot, but there is no way in hell that I want them to become millionaires!! RF


500 Million Dollars?

I have 5 questions? I just heard that the big benefit concert in New York has raised $17 million dollars. Howard Stern raised $5 millions, Michael Jackson's headliner in Washington, Country music artist benefit show in Nashville, Jay Leno's motorcycle brought in $376,000.00. and countless fund raisers all across the nation. I don't not know the total collected nationwide but I have heard the figure so far is around $500 million. So, here are my five questions:

1. Does all (every penny) of the money go to the victims families?
2. How much money is needed?
3. Will the money be divided equally?
4. Isn't the number of the victims familles effected around 9,000?
5. So, if these figures are correct and you do the math, doesn't that make every victims family millionaires?

These are just a few questions that came to my mind as I was soaking up the TV News. I have not heard any news organization asks these question! Am I the only one that is wondering? Don't get me wrong, I think all the victims families deserve every penny. I have also thought of all the Arab money that was frozen by our government should be given to the victims families too! I haven't heard any news anchor ask that question either.

Oh well, that's my thoughts. What's yours?


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OK, first, $500 million split 9,000 ways is only $55,555.56 per family, far from making them millionaires. But this isn't the point. The principle charities (the Red Cross and the United Way, primarily) that have received the bulk of these donations are using the funds for a broad range of disaster relief efforts. While each organization will let donors specify if they want their donation to go directly to families, the funds generally go into a disaster relief fund. Donations are being used for rescue and clean-up efforts, to relocate families and businesses dislocated by the disaster, to feed and compensate relief workers, to replace and repair rescue equipment, etc.

The money is being handled by respectable organizations with decades of experience in distributing relief funds in a sensible manner and in a way that will get the most out of each donation. It is not being passed directly to the families in need. They are getting what they need when they need it and nothing more. Break this chain.

What Do You Think?

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