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Exclusive (7/27/2001) Poor, innocent creatures are being tortured, even killed, to satisfy the entertainment needs of tourists. But you can help ease the plight of hundreds of dolphins. Well, maybe.


To put you in the picture, Martha and others on Antigua are campaigning to stop the government approving a captive dolphin programme. Both Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands have recently allowed American investors to set up dolphinariums with dolphins caught in the wild (usually by Cuba or in Cuban waters). The Prime Minister of Antigua, Lester Bird, is arguing that Antigua has to keep up with the competition and that tourists off cruise ships need to be entertained.

I have lent my support to this protest by writing to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Tourism and anyone else involved and I hope you will also feel moved to help. Dolphins caught in the wild are traumatized by being separated from their family, or pod, and then have to learn to eat a diet of dead fish and antibiotics to keep them alive so that they can perform tricks for tourists. Do we really want them to suffer for our entertainment? I think not.

Please help Martha,


Sarah Cameron


I am trying to get as many email signature petitions to stop a dolphin capture program here in Antigua.

These innocent sea-mammals would be barbarically imprisoned in a small mangrove swamp to provide "so called entertainment for tourists". You would think after the movie "Free Willy" no such programs would exist today. In the UK all such captive dolphin programs have been shut down and the dolphins rehabilited and released to the wild. Some people never learn. Please send on as many email copies of this email to anybody on your own email list so Antigua is inundated with protests from around the world.

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I searched Google for the term "dolphinariums" and there was no shortage of results - Most slanted strongly against them, but a few in favor. I then checked out the "automatic dolphin protest form" mentioned in the letter. Ironically, it was only two clicks away from a nearly identical form to sign if you're in support of dolphin capture programs in Antigua.

But, it doesn't make much difference now, anyway. The online phase of the petition drive ended July 12, 2001. The goal of phase one was to guage global opinion on the issue before launching a localized petition drive (one much more likely to have some political impact). You can still visit the URL in the message to see the results of phase one and a list of the newspapers that will carry the petition for phase two. In all, 1254 petitions were collected against the project and only 10 in favor (not surprising since the the preface for both petitions was an alarmist and extremely one-sided essay against it). Break this Chain.

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