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Created 5/28/2002 (11/30/2002) Most warnings of terrible crimes that circulate via e-mail are the stuff of urban legend. There's no way to prove it false, but also no reason to believe it's true.



Please, folks (animal lovers, especially) be on the lookout for this kind of scenario and DO NOT STOP for anything !!

Yesterday afternoon my daughter was returning home from work and she was forced to stop by a man on his knees on the road in front of her, apparently tending to a dog. Being an animal lover, she naturally wound her window down to enquire "is the dog badly hurt?" and in doing so had a gun put to her head by a second man who suddenly appeared at the side of the car. On hearing the gunman say "you've got just 3 seconds, b..." she jammed her foot down on the accelerator and managed to skid past the dog onto the sandy verge at the side of the road and get away safely. Thank God for that !!

There was nothing wrong with the dog at all - it was being forcibly held down in the road to make it look like it had been run over. We'll never know whether the man with the gun meant my daughter to get out of the car and give it to them "in 3 seconds" or to move away from their "setup" in order to trap some other unsuspecting person (perhaps with a more valuable car !).

But one thing is for sure, these criminals were intent on doing grievous harm to someone ! Please tell everyone you know, so that people can be aware of what is really happening out there and take precautions !


This is a third-person retelling of a alleged crime that never actually occurred, but is presumed by the author to be the intent of the strangers in the tale. The potential victim was saved only through her quick-thinking. No names, dates or places are given that would verify the events. Even if there were, there would likely be no record since a crime was not actually committed. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
Like most urban legends, this one tell of a terrible crime that could happen, but offers no irrefutable evidence that it has happened. It's the same formula used by dozens of other "clever mugger" tales like ankle-slashing gang members, shopping mall abductions and rapists in unmarked police cars.

Lacking enough evidence to prove them true, most people choose to forward chains like this because they could be true, and they'd hate to see something like this happen to loved ones. Unfortunately, forwarding unsubstantiated rumors like this one actually does them a disservice. Since they often read more like criminal how-to guides than news stories or official warnings, they could serve to propagate ideas many people may not have otherwise thought of. In short, they can do as much to create the crime as to protect you from it. Break this Chain!

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