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Updated (2/3/2003) When a child is in trouble, distraught family members and friends will do almost anything to help. While Delaney's story is true, this chain is outdated and beginning to demonstrate some of the common downfalls of missing child chains.


Urgent prayer request

Thursday night an 8 month old little girl named Delaney pulled a hot Fry Daddy on her body. Her mom, Deena, pulled her out of her walker and also burned herself. They lifeflighted the little girl to Scott and White and then to Parkland Burn Center in Dallas. She has 40% burns on the trunk of her body. They are going to amputate at 3 fingers on one hand and will have to skin graft her mom and dad to repair her. She is in very critical condition and her lungs have filled with water. They don't know if she will live or not. They say the next two or three days will decide. They live in Florence, Texas and have two other children. They need as many prayers as they can get. Will you please forward this?


We forward prayer letters like this one because of our faith and because we truly want to help a kid in need. But we get so caught up in the immediacy of the plea that we don't consider the long-term effects of our actions. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
In May, 2001, 8-month old Delaney Parrish was severely burned by pulling a deep fryer full of hot grease on herself. She underwent extensive treatment at Parkland Hospital that included skin grafts and the amputation of one finger and part of another. She was released from the Hospital in June of that year and continues a gruelling therapy regimen as she develops into a healthy and rambunctious little girl.

Delaney's family remains positive about the experience and have created a website to chronicle her recovery. In her last diary entry (dated February 14, 2002) Delaney's mother acknowledges the support the Internet community has provided: "I again want to thank everyone for continuing the prayers and cards for her. I keep them all in a big box. I can't wait for her to understand how many people were praying for her."

Like many sick child chain letters, the one above has fallen victim to the passage of time. I would never presume to tell people what they should pray for and what they shouldn't. However, you should make sure the information you send to others is accurate and timely. The chain letter above is not, so I cannot recommend sending it as is. Break this chain.

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