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Exclusive (1/23/2002) Is the world in danger from a mysterious "Death Star" that will affect gravitational pulls, shift the earth on its axis, and bombard it with deadly comets? And, is there a conspiracy by NASA to hide this information from you?


Prophecy - Signs By Jack Kinsella

1/20/2002 Someone sent me an email containing information about what they called "Death Star 2003." The premise of the message is that a brown dwarf star first discovered in 1981 and confirmed by the Hubble Telescope represents a threat to life on earth. Called 'Planet X', it is purported to be moving close enough to earth to compete with the gravitational pull of the sun.

The message and link suggest the resulting gravitational pull will include 200 mph winds, widespread, catastrophic seismic disturbances like violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, culminating a 90 degree shift in the polar axis, making the northern United States the new equator and killing three quarters of mankind. The email also suggested a conspiracy by NASA to conceal Planet X to avoid widespread panic, as it is due to pass close enough to Earth to destroy three quarters of life on earth in June, 2003. I assumed this was more conspiracist nonsense until I began to dig a little. What I discovered was disturbing, to say the least......


This "chain letter in response to a chain letter" directs you to a January 20, 2001 essay by Jack Kinsella, Managing Editor of The Omega Letter Christian Intelligence Journal. His essay points out that widely forwarded theories about the catastrophe of Death Star 2003 is based on fact and coincides with biblical prophecy. He goes on to point out that a suspicious lack of evidence may indicate a conspiracy. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
I have not seen the chain letter that Mr. Kinsella bases his essay upon, but I did (just as Kinsella did) find several personal websites that advance the theory of Death Star 2003. But there appears to be some dissention even in the conspiracy camp. this article forwards the theory of Planet X, also called "Nibiru" and its supposed catastrophic effects. However, a mirror site has removed the article "due to insufficient evidence" and points out that "No substantial scientific data has been found as of this date to confirm a 2003 return by Nibiru."

Kinsella's conspiracy theory of a massive cover up seems to be based on the fact that many of the sites on the 'net that purport to have information about Death Star 2003 are now broken links. But broken links are not that uncommon, especially when you're talking about free, personal websites.

However, as Kinsella points out, there is some fact behind the theory. The Planet X theory is based on the work of Daniel P. Whitmire of the University of Louisiana.

Stick to the facts, avoid conspiracy theories and Break this Chain!

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