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Created 3/20/2004 (3/20/2004) When we sit down and write an e-mail to our friends and family, few of us comprehend that our words may spread way beyond our small circle. Very often, when this does happen, our words meet with some intense scrutiny and doubt, and its popularity has consequences nobody can predict.


Subject: Chruch Service in Virginia

This is from Laura Lefler, who some of you know. I went to UT with her and she currently lives in D.C Some of you also recognize Amy (Fox) Smythe, another friend of mine from college. Cool, true story.

I'm at the 8:00am service at my church, St. Johns at Lafayette Square, across from the White House. (I wanted to go early because I was going withAlice and Brent for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel in Manassas.)

Much of the service was uneventful--nice, but uneventful--until it comes to the part of the service when the priest says, "Greet one another in the name of the Lord." I turn to my right to exchange the peace with my friend, Amy Fox Smythe, who was was on the other end of my pew I then shake hands with the person in front of me, and turn around to say hello to the person behind me, the person was our 43rd President George W. Bush. I am not kidding. A small crowd was forming around him, and not wanting to delay the church service or bother him by waiting to shake his hand, I turned back around and sat down and talked to Amy. About 30 seconds later I felt a hand on my left shoulder and turn around to see President Bush with his hand extended. "Peace of the Lord, " he said and held my hand with both of his."Peace of the Lord," I replied, and held both his hands and smiled at him.I turned back around and was remarkably calm about the fact that the most powerful person in the world was sitting two feet behind me. I could hear him flipping through his bulletin as the priest made the announcements. I loved the idea of him thinking, "Oh, there's a covered dish next Sunday."

We perched and when I stood up to go to the communion rail, he got up and walked down the aisle behind me. We passed a little old lady who said, "Mr. President, I pray for you every day." To which he said, "That's a very special gift. Thank you so much." We got to the communion rail and there were two spaces, one in front of us and one around the side of the altar. We both surmised for ten seconds and then I started off around the corner. He stopped me and whispered, "No, no. I'll go around" and motioned for me to take the closer spot. The only exception made in the entire service was that the President was allowed to leave first and then the rest of the congregation followed.

With all sincerity, and partisanship aside I tell you: This is a special man! There is a peace and a Godliness about him. It radiates from him. It is the only reason that I was able to remain calm. It was more than the adrenaline I've felt when I've met other famous people. A goodness flows through this man. He has more than my vote in November. He has my respect, my prayers, and my gratitude.

Whatever your political affiliation, and whether or not you agree with his decisions, you should take comfort in the fact that--despite recent press attacks--this is a man of integrity who makes decisions because he believes that they are RIGHT, not popular. He makes these decisions with a heavy heart and through prayer.

I don't mean to go on, and on, but I truly believe this was a blessing from God that should be passed on.

xo Lefs


The above was indeed authored by Laura Lefler, Constituent Communications Director for Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander. While she sent the note from her work e-mail account, it was a personal message intended for a handful of her friends. It should not be misinterpreted as an official communication from the Senator's office and has caused much headache for the staff there. Don't bother writing or calling, the office considers this a personal matter for Ms. Lefler and will offer no further comment. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
Though it is not his "home" church (he's a methodist), George W. Bush does occasionally attend St. John's Episcopal Church, in LaFayette square across from the White House - as did all other former Presidents since James Madison. The description of his actions and character are consistent with what has been published and/or broadcasted previously.

The fact that this account surfaced at the start of what promises to be a particularly ugly presidential election campaign. Missives skewering the characters and careers of Bush and Democratic opponent, John Kerry, and tales praising Bush (curious that there aren't many that praise Kerry), are becoming popular internet fodder. While this one proved true, it will certainly pay to exercise some healthy cynicism over the coming months.

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