Break the Chain Hey, Buddy! Wanna Upgrade?

Created 9/30/2003 (9/30/2003) Many new users to the 'net are so blown away by the flexibility and versatility of the web, e-mail and instant messaging, they truly do not comprehend their limitations. When something is as easy as sending a message to others, we often suspend our skepticism. That's why hoaxes like this one, targeting Yahoo!'s popular messenger service, prosper online.


This is so cool! All you have to do is send this to 10 ppl and a new type of buddy list will appear after you send it! Mine can tell exactly where someone is, who theyre talking to, and if they have more than one screenname, it tells you what it is. This is so neat


i dont get into sending this kind of crap, but i found out that it was true. right click on your group name of your buddy list and check send this message to all the people in this group cope this and send it to your friends in the group. if you send this msg to 10 people, a new type of buddy list will appear! it will tell you where someone is, who they are takling to, and if they have more then one screen name.


Hi! I'm here to tell you╩╩about the newest thing! Buddy List 2003! It's not like the other ones, you know the ones that say they work but they don't! This is real! And it's approved!

The Buddy List 2003 lets you choose from different backgrounds everyday! And You cannot only see whose on,╩╩but who they r talking to, and WHAT THEY ARE SAYING! I am telling you, this is cool! See what some of the people who have it have to say:

PrettyinPink683: I thought this was junk but, boy was I wrong! This is totally cool! My friend is talking to her crush whom I didn't know was her crush and I can see what they are saying! You've gotta try it!

SouthernChic11: I...I...I cannot believe this! This is awesome! OMG! I have 24 colors right now! If you don't believe me, try it!

GoodCharFan:╩╩:-O!!! I can't believe it! This forward was worth sending.

So, you've heard all the people and they rate this a 10! You can send it or not send it it's your choice. But scroll to find out how to get it!

Send it to:

1 person- Blue back ground and the thing to see who's talking to who

5people-3 swirl backgrounds + the above

10-The thing to see what ppl r saying + the above

20-10 different colors +5 more swirl colors + the above

So, if this sounds like ur style, SEND IT!

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Instant messages are text messages and, as such, are incapable of doing what the note above promises. Sending this poorly written note to your friends won't produce a new buddy list, but might produce some angry responses from your pals.

Think about it, would you really want this to be possible? If you'd be able to see personal details about others, doesn't it seem logical that they'd be able to do the same to you? In this day and age of identity theft and privacy paranoia, this doesn't seem like such a good idea. Break this chain.

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