Break the Chain Would You Like the 72-Ounce Jumbo Slurpy?

Exclusive (10/05/2001) This chain is the forward of a personal note expressing the devastation and horror the rescue workers in New York are facing in the wake of Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Center. Unfortunately, the one aspect of it that many readers are keying into is the ignorant call to boycott a business that decided not to donate generously to the relief efforts.


The following is from a friend of mine who has a nephew with the NYPD

Hi guys Just got off the phone with my nephew. I asked him what the guys working the rubble could use and his immediate reply was........towels,underwear,t shirts, sweat socks. I asked him if he was sure and he was adamant about it. Next.........Neil told me that people were bringing food coffee sodas etc. for the cops and firemen. The mom and pop stores were giving them whatever they needed at no cost. BUT 7-11 STORES WOULDN'T GIVE THEM A PIECE OF ICE. I will be boycotting 7-11 from here on in. Spread it around. My niece and nephews have all been to the rubble and they are devastated. Neil was assigned to the makeshift morgue last night and saw two of his friends brought in. Thats all for now. Joe

If you have towels ,t-shirts,underwear,sweat socks etc...Heres the address:

NYPD c/o Neil Campbell
466 Oder Ave.
Staten Island, NY. 10304

Thanks-John Ratz


Other than the declaration against 7-11, this chain provides some good information. Unfortunately, what most people have asked me about on this one is the boycott statement. Though it is slightly less offensive than the Foodlion/Michael's boycott, it's still offensive and misses the point. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
In the face of this tragedy, we must stand together as a nation. Some of us are more able or willing to donate to relief efforts than others. It's the freedom to decide how involved to be that those people died for on September 11, 2001. Terrorists attacked this nation because we have a reputation in parts of the world of being quick to punish those who do not act or think as we feel they should.

So, what do we show the world in response? We show them that we'll even turn on our own if they don't do what we think they should. This is an image we cannot afford to project right now. E-mail is global. What we say to one another will be seen by the world. We must be united. We must stand together and support our freedoms. We must Break this Chain!

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