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Mondex Smart Card
Date: Sep 4, 2007 6:23:36 PM PDT
Author: ChainBreaker


I think the inference in Revelation is that at the time of the consumation of all things during which the final battle between good and evil occurrs, that a dictator, described as the physical embodiment of the enemy of God, Satan, is able to deceive the entire world into believing that he is, in fact, the returned Christ.

People will be deceived because he will appear to be so wonderful, at first, solving the impossible problems such as the Israel / Arab conflict. The prophecy states that he will appear to perform some wonders, or at least, have his hands on technology such as space-located laser weapons by which he could 'call down fire' from heaven (non-technical prophetic vision of John, author of the Apocalypse)

Therefore, it is also probable that what we now see in this implantable chip, is the "Model T" of something more powerful. Presented with a liberal dose of slick, attractive, mass media promotion in a world otherwise uncontrollable, such a proposal by a kind, Christ-like, charismatic leader would be hailed as the miracle needed to solve the problems of evil in the world:

1. This chip will end all theft as it will be the only instrument accepted for transactions.

2. This chip will end identity fraud. Attempted removal will warn authorities!

3. This chip will locate criminals wherever they may try to hide.

4. This chip will bring equal prosperity to all nations, levelling the trading field.

5. This chip will end child abduction and the child slave trade.

6. This chip will be a sign: those who have it are for good, those who do not, are for evil, therefore they are criminals.

Of course, those opposing such a wonderful breakthrough would be shunned, then eventually persecuted or forced to take the implant "mark" or face elimination. If this may seem far-fetched to some, I would answer that it is also prophesied that these events follow some horrific events in which the people of the world fear that the entire world has gone wild....out of control....perhaps through the limited exchange of some nuclear weapons....or the ultimate success of suicide bombers to detonate such devices in several large cities. The people of the world will cry out....even BEG for someone to take control. This is when the long-prophesied, often ridiculed one steps into his appointed destiny, but no one will believe that he is the evil one except those who have studied eschatology and know what prophecy says about the incarnation of Satan.

The prophecy makes it clear that all will go extremely well for a few years.......the Age of Aquarius will have come, but only short-lived, for under the facade of false peace will remain the evil....the pent-up hatred in human hearts, which at their roots, remain unchanged......then suddenly, all Hell will break loose and 'at the time of the end, Michael (archangel of God) will stand up in defense of Israel in the long-prophesied battle of battles where God will draw ALL NATIONS into the Valley of Armaggedon to settle once and for all "whose land it is". At the height of this battle, where a proud, bold, and heavily armed Chinese-led force seeks what they perceive to be the fulfillment of their destiny, final triumph in leading Oriental superiority over the West, earth's inhabitants will witness the sign (perhaps a cross?) in the heavens, of the coming of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, return as promised to His apostles on the Mount of Olives: "This same Jesus, will come again in the same way that you see him go......."

I realize that this is beyond the scope of the implant, per se, but it is difficult to take that point and isolate it from the greater context without wandering down some useless rabbit trail that has nothing to do with the original question: what does this implant have to do with the prophecy of Revelation?


Date: Aug 8, 2008 11:46:38 PM PDT
Author: 111

Interesting stuff--Let me say a few words, I attended a service once in Toledo Oregon in which a micro electrical engineer was speaking. He worked as a contractor for honeywell and a few other mega companies. He and his team was awarded the resources to complete a project, to finish a implantable micro chip that had 7 key pieces of information that was specific to each person, now, get this, this was 1984. This chip also had a thermocouple circuit that would recharge its lithium battery by the rise and fall of one's body temp. What has this got to do with Rev 13? It was determined by still another team that the rise and fall of your body temp that changes the fastest was on your forehead and the back of your hand. 666? what does that mean? There is more there than we know right now but in the greek language,(the oringinal language of the new testament) 666 is a word and it means "to prick or to poke" , like a needle that would insert the chip. There is more to share but I can't get it all in here now. Just for fun, spell out Kissinger and add up the letters giving the alphabet numerical values as follows, A=6 B=12 C=18 and so on, adding 6 to each following letter, nothing concrete here, just interesting. Now if you haven't read Rev 13 read it and look around on the internet, if you find this to be the truth, ask Jesus into your heart, do it quickly, he is coming soon and you don't want to be left behind. All this is absolutely true. Be courageous and do what is right, for you, for your family, for your future. Will post more facts later.

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