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Search Tips: Our search engine is very powerful - Sometimes it works too well. Here are some ways to optimize your results.

  • Use names instead of phrases as keywords.

  • Use quotation marks around phrases and titles containing common words. For example, "To My Child" will produce more exact results than To My Child.

  • Start with as few keywords as possible and add more if you don't find what you're looking for.

  • Stay away from keywords common to a lot of hoaxes (such as "virus," "kids," "forward" and "e-mail"), as they will produce too many irrelevant results.

  • Take your keywords from the body of the message, not the subject line.

  • Don't use articles (a, an, the, etc.) and prepositions (to, from, of, etc.).

Hard-to-find Chains: Some chains use a basic formula, but the keywords in them change frequently, making them hard to find in our search engine. If you're checking out any of the following types of letters, check out these general articles:

  • A business offer from somebody in a foreign country that wants to share millions of dollars with you: click here.

  • A warning about electronic greeting cards: click here.

  • A pyramid scheme that asks you to send money to people then add your name to the list and wait for the money to pour in: click here.

  • An elementary school class e-mail project: click here.

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