Perspective and Examples

Armchair Activism chain letters encourage you to "sign" a petition or participate in a boycott with the hollow promise that the sheer numbers of online denizens will be enough to influence social, political or economic policy with very little effort on an individual level.
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Perspective and Examples

Postby chainbreaker on Wed Sep 17, 2008 12:42 am

Sometimes, on very rare occasions, an e-mail chain letter can contain absolutely true and accurate information... at least when they first hit the 'net.

Living too long online - where anonymous authors can add and change facts, but the author cannot retract or update his work - can cause any chain letter to become inconsistent, outdated, exaggerated or simply full of lies. Or maybe they never contained the whole truth to begin with. E-mail is simply an unreliable tool for distributing news and information.

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