Rat Droppings Makes Pop Cans Deadly?

These chains offer marginally believable tales about threats to your well-being and generalize them into warnings that "this could happen to you or someone you love."
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Rat Droppings Makes Pop Cans Deadly?

Postby robert@fm on Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:56 am

One thing which to my mind labels this as a likely hoax is the phrase "His blood sugar level dropped to 66". Although superficially true that a blood glucose count of 66 mg/dL (3.7 mmol/L) is "low", it isn't nearly as low as this email is trying to imply; the "normal" BG range here in the UK is 4 to 7 mmol/L, which is 72 to 126 mg/dL, and I think the corresponding range in the US is 75 to 125 mg/dL.

I've had BG levels as low as 2.7 mmol/L (do the conversion yourselves) and felt somewhat queasy (in particular, shaky) but nothing worse. For most people, the BG count has to drop to nearly zero before they're in serious trouble (though of course this varies due to individual idisyncrasy).
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