Break the Chain Where's Your Flag, Wal-Mart?

Created 1/15/2002 (1/15/2002) One of the positive outcomes of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States was a resurgence in patriotism. But, of course, all good things have a down side. Several letters have attacked companies and individuals for not being as patriotic as they could be.


Subject: WALMART! Got this in my Email, IT is a good question and TRUE

Quite honestly I had not noticed that Wal-mart does not fly our flag. What a surprise.

I have run across a situation that I think should be changed; it upset me and so I decided to put it out on the Internet. If you decide to forward this note to your friends, that's fine-if not, that's okay, too. Maybe I'm wrong in feeling this way, but this is what I found on Friday, October 12, 2001.

I ran to our local Wal-Mart store before I went to work. I needed a couple of items before we left at noon for a short vacation. While I was being checked out at the counter, I realized that I had not noticed an American Flag flying outside and asked the clerk why there wasn't one. I was told that the policy is that Wal-Mart does not provide flags to their stores- rather, each store must provide their own-at this store, the employees would have to take up a collection among themselves to make the purchase of the flag, pole & flood light.

I was sure there was a misunderstanding in that policy somewhere, but needed to hurry off to work, so I didn't pursue the problem. As I drove to work I became more and more upset to think that the Company that always "seems" to encourage patriotism and "Buy American" won't even, in these days of horror and heroism and war on terrorism, provide their stores with flags to show their support!! When I got to work I told my co-employees what I had found that morning and they agreed that I must be mistaken-Wal-Mart would not have a policy that made individual stores/employees purchase their own flag, "for heavens sake"!!

My co-employees suggested I just call Wal-Marts corporate offices and there I would discover the truth to this misunderstanding. So, I did-I called the Corporate office and spoke to their representative. By the way, their number is 1-800-Wal-Mart. Do you know what I was told? I wasn't misunderstanding their policy! Each store must provide their own flag-if the store can't fit the expense into their budget, then the employees have to take up a collection.

Now, I find this a disgrace. I have always noticed the large flags flying at every Perkins Pancake House-they always fly the flag, even when there isn't a National Emergency. But here's Wal-Mart, the company who has become wealthy beyond measure in this great Country of ours; who claims to be "one big happy family", who recommends we "Buy American", but who cannot/will not provide a flag pole/flag and light to each of their stores wherever they are.

Would this be expensive? Oh, somewhat, I agree, but I hear that Wal-Mart is planning to build many new stores in the near future and that, possibly, they will make every existing store into a "super-store". Now, I realize that expanding like that will bring in more money and make them wealthier still- where providing flags to all their stores would only COST money and not add money to their fortune. Maybe, just maybe, not providing flags to their stores and not flying the flag in support of our Country will start costing them more money-maybe I will start looking more closely for the flag before I shop and begin supporting the smaller stores who don't worry so much about the "bottom line", but rather are happy to spend some money to show they really love America.

Do you think I am really way off base on this, or do you feel the same. Thanks for taking the time to think about this with me-if you feel the same, forward this on to your address list-if not, that's what your "Delete" is for.


Arkansas-based Wal-Mart stores epitomize the all-American retailer. The story of their founder is a tale of one man living the American dream. They do encourage you to buy American products and carry a predominance of the same. Heck, the stores are even decorated in red, white and blue.So, to hear that the company doesn't provide flags for its stores is surprising and has many chastising the entire chain for not being American enough. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
The chain above does not state which store this "revelation" came from, so it's hard to validate it. But we do know that it is not Wal-Mart's policy to make employees buy a flag and pole for their stores. According to a company spokeperson, provisions are made for a flag and flagpole in the budget for every new store (where zoning, or other regulations prohibit flagpoles, a flag is displayed inside).

Wal-Marts have been around for decades, but it took an event like September 11 to make us patriotic enough to notice an absence of flags? Hmm, maybe we shouldn't be so hard on them after all. Break this chain.

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