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Created 8/26/2002 (8/26/2002) Hot-button topics like the recent controversial U.S. Federal Court decision always generate a bunch of chain mail. This letter is popular, but builds on a misunderstanding of a web site's intent.


This is so important, make you vote count.

Please go to the web site below and vote "NO" today!

USA Today is taking a vote on whether the words "Under

God" should be removed from the pledge of allegiance.

You can vote by going to the following web site:
Click below or copy and paste to your address bar.

Thanks and please... keep passing this one along


Disavow yourself of the notion that going to the web site listed and registering your 'vote' will have any influence whatsoever on the June 26, 2002 U.S. Federal Court decision that the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional because it contains the words "under God." - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
USA Today is taking a poll, not a vote (there is a big difference). This poll is more than two months old. To date, they've collected more than 4 million responses. The national newspaper runs dozens such polls each week to gauge readers' opinions on the topics of the day. Their methods are completely unscientific and results are used only on the web site.

On the other hand, since the site doesn't ask for any personal information, there's probably no harm in 'voting' if you feel compelled to do so, just don't expect it to make much of a difference. Break this Chain!

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