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Exclusive (3/13/2001) This chain letter tells you that you can help bolster the lagging 'net economy by eschewing traditional retail for one day. This would rank right up there with the "Great Gas Out," if it weren't so obviously self-serving.

Mar. 7, 2001

Dear Netizen:

Your help is needed.

Fueled by a lack of confidence, our economy is slipping into recession. If this trend continues, you might soon lose access to your favorite online store, greeting card site, music site or financial chat group. Imagine the Internet without Google or

But you can help the Net regain its respect. We must band together and send the world a loud, clear message that the Net will not only survive, but thrive.

That's why we're asking you to demonstrate your dedication to the Internet.

On April 3, join us in "Take Back the Net" day:

Buy Something Online. On April 3, avoid offline retail stores. Instead, visit your favorite online store(s) and make at least one purchase. If you prefer, donate to your favorite charity, which you can find at sites such as

Support Our Economy. The Internet is very young. Some mistakes have been made. But this budding industry still needs your support. Remember your positive Internet experiences then, on April 3, buy 10 shares in a company you admire. Your participation will send a signal to Wall Street that Netizens will not abandon their favorite medium.

Please forward this letter to 10 other people, or as many as you can, and help us in our crusade to take back the Net!


Michael Tchong / Akin Fernandez
Iconocast / Irdial-Discs

This is a marketing ploy, plain and simple. Both Iconocast and Iridial-Discs are Internet marketing firms. The net is losing it's respect as a commercial stronghold because of bad business decisions and pie-in-the-sky aspirations, not because people aren't buying stuff, trading stocks or making charitable contributions. Break this Chain!

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