Break the Chain Savage Exit
or Sick Joke?

updated (11/9/2001) Here's yet another entry in the "no joke too obvious" category. Unfortunately, it also fits the "no joke too sick" category. Don't be looking for this ultra-violent pro-life (there's an oxymoron for you) game at your local Electronics Boutique just yet.


Subject: please help stop this game!
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 06:08:49 -0400

Friends, It's 6:00am, can't sleep, what better time for a little email-grassroots activism? You know my politics. This was sent to me by someone I trust and respect. After reading it, I am certain that you will agree with what this group is trying to do. Oh, I'm back from my month-long trip in Australia to visit Cecilia. Returned yesterday. What can I say? It's just another one of those magnificent Pacific islands... yes, I enjoyed myself immensely. My best wishes, Ami

Dear Friends, An extremely offensive new video game called "Savage Exit" has just been released by Jehovatek Enterprises, which is funded primarily by extreme-right religious organizations and anti-abortion groups. The player in this "game" controls an unborn fetus who shoots his way out of his mother's womb, and subsequently engages in mortal combat with "feminazis and liberals" in a hospital.

From the game's package:

"Are you sick and tired of mindless abortion doctors, bushy-legged feminazis, and slack-jawed bleeding-hearts deciding the fate of America's innocent? Well idle no longer noble soldier!

Savage Exit lets you fight back for fetal rights in thrilling first-person shooter action! Take control of our unborn hero Wade - trapped inside a hostile womb and being assaulted by evil abortionists. Seize their unholy weapons of murder to slice and blast your way out of an inhospitable uterus! Fight through scads of sinister surgeons and an army of ideologue interns in the OR! Hijack an incubator and roll through hospital corridors, bringing the wrath of God upon level after level of heavily armed security and whining, misguided liberals intent on completing the job your heartless mother left unfinished! Utilize up to twelve different weapons, including the scalpel, the Glock 9mm, the AK-47 Assault Rifle, and the "Tongue of Jesus" Kerosene Flamethrower to smite the wicked pagan enemy! By the time you're done with them, the only "choice" they'll have left is between a faceful of shrapnel and a lakeful of fire!

Savage Exit combines awesome 3D graphics, lightning-fast gameplay, and righteous morality into the most fundamental training for the TRUE children of the Lord! Order today!"

Perhaps the most offensive aspect of "Savage Exit" is that the player's "goal" is to locate an abortion-unfriendly woman and leap through her vagina into the safety of her womb. This video game preaches hate and violence, and exemplifies the most awful hypocrisies of the religious right. For more information on what you can do to help, e-mail the address listed below.

Please sign this petition asking software distributors to refuse to carry this horrific and grotesque product and forward to anyone else you know who supports the bodily freedom of American women. Every 50th person to sign should forward the list to

Thanks very much, The Coalition Against Savage Exit (CASE)



On the surface, there is little reason to believe this to be anything more than a sick joke. I contacted the e-mail address in the message with questions about their campaign. They pointed me to, a redirected address that points to a Yahoo! Geocities site and acted pretty naive about the whole e-petition business. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
The site is not designed like a business site, and I doubt that any company capable of creating software like "savage exit" would rely upon Yahoo's free services to get the word out. There's no business information, no way to contact them besides a Yahoo! mail address. Besides, the text on the site seems crafted to offend people on both sides of the abortion debate.

But, perhaps the most damning piece of evidence here is that, according to, the address belongs to one Jeffrey Lin, who is also the owner of the Jehovatek domain name. This letter is an elaborate hoax wherein the hoaxter created a fictional objectionable product, then started his own protest against it. Break this Chain!

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