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Exclusive (6/17/2001) My best guess is that this one probably started out in a teen chat room. It certainly resembles the "sign this if you think Suzie's ugly" kinds of notes I used to pass in study hall.


Hi guys,

A friend of mine sent this to me and I thought this was the least we could to do stand up to a little injustice. Please add your signature and pass it on to a few friends. Thanks, Vicki

Hey everyone.

I went on a chatroom and saw something that was horrible. Two people were fighting over how black people suck. They called them niggers, mother f******,jungle babies and they said that they multiply like crazy just to get a welfare check every month. All they did was judge them and for what? Only to make themselves feel better and more important.

This is important. I want to get 200 signatures on here. If you are not a racist sign it. If you are a racist don't sign it. Send it to as many people as you can. Once it has reached 200 signatures send it back to

Please send this to at least 1 person. Please copy and paste cuz forwarding is too messy. Thanx

(130 Names Deleted)

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As a petition, this chain fails six of the seven tests of Armchair Activism (sponsorship, focus, privacy, expiration, reliability and validity). The e-mail address is invalid, it has no stated purpose and no likelihood of having any positive result. Besides, the concept that if you don't sign it, you are a racist is pretty insulting. Break this chain!

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