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Exclusive (4/23/2001) This one is basically a variation on the ages old (in e-mail terms) "Your favorite service is in danger, but you can easily save it by forwarding this" e-mail. AOL is a popular subject of these chains, and it now seems the baton has been passed to everybody's favorite file-sharing program.

Lads Napster is closing in 2 weeks, it needs 2.5 million votes to stay open for 6 months longer. Forward it everywhere, even if the same person has got it more than once.

* This Email is tracked. Each time this email is forwarded it counts as one valid vote. *

Knowledge is Power. Want to keep up with the latest news about Napster, our * future software releases and our court battle to stay alive? Want to hear * directly from Napster founder Shawn Fanning and learn how you can help shape * the future of digital music? Sign up for the Napster Newsletter today. * (

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First of all, while Napster is changing the fundamental way they do business, they are not closing down. Besides, without knowing when this e-mail was originally authored, "in two weeks" means absolutely nothing. Plus, who's counting the "votes," and who decided that 2.5 million is the magic number of supporters needed to keep the site open another 6 months.

But all of that is moot since e-mails like this one cannot be tracked. That technology does not exist.

Despite the fact that this chain encourages you to sign up for the Napster newsletter (using text copied directly from the Napster website), it actually steals from Napster's legitimate efforts to get public support in their legal proceedings. Napster has created the Napster Action Network that gives you quick and easy ways to really make a difference by contacting your congressmen, forming advocacy chapters, or attending "Save Napster" events.

Sure, that isn't quite as easy as hitting the Forward button, but it's destined to be far more successful.

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