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Created 1/10/2003 (1/10/2003) As the threat of war looms in the middle east, prophecies like this one are popular - whether or not you decide to believe them. Under close scrutiny, this one is full of holes.


Please allow me to send you the essential details regarding the alleged deathbed prophecy of Mother Theresa. It appeared in an article by a Carmelite nun, Sr. Evangeline McGrath, and was published in the magazine "Prophecy" on June 25th of this year.

The Prophecy 0f Mother Theresa.

Mother Theresa died at 9:30 pm on the evening of September 5th, 1997, in the mother house of her convent in Calcutta. At around 8:15 pm evening, Mother Theresa awoke and summoned the other nuns to gather around her. She told them, "I have had a vision of things to come. Our Lord Jesus Christ has bidden me to disclose to it to you so that you might be prepared for a time of woe and be safeguarded from evil.

"The Four Horsemen spoken of in the Book of Revelation, (Ch. 6;1-7) have mounted their steeds. Their ride begins.You will hear their hoof beats within five years time." The first three Horsemen correspond to the account given in Revelation, but the fourth is transformed from the bleakness of Death into a beacon of brightness and hope.

"The first Horseman - "Plague" - is riding a white steed and is armed with a bow. The second, on a red horse, is brandishing a sword and represents "War". The third Horseman is mounted on a black horse. He carries a set of weighing scales and signifies "Famine" The fourth (initially)rides a pale horse and rides ahead of the legions of hell. His name is "Death"

Mother Theresa was quite specific as to the timing of the first three scourges, Plague, War and Famine.

"The plague will break out first in Asia in August 2002. At first it will be ignored by world health authorities, but it will spread and its victims will multiply rapidly - millions and millions of poor souls. "As the plague rages, the true identity of the Beast of Revelation will be revealed; a creature who delights in death, pain and misery. This man will come from Iran, and will proudly display the number 666,(presumably in some symbolic fashion?), on his clothes and on his forehead.

"The Beast will at first be welcomed by the United Nations as a 'man of peace' . It will take a full year before his true identity is revealed. With contemptuous ease, the Beast will assassinate Saddam Hussein early in 2003 in a murder plot involving Arab Sheikhs, and he will spread his power through Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

"While the plague rages, he will begin his rise to world domination. War will break out in the Middle East in October, 2003. It will start with the assassination of a major figure,(Arafat?), in the Arab/Israeli conflict now under way. This shocking event will provoke a wave of suicide attacks against the United States. Fanatics determined to blow themselves to pieces --- as long as they can take many Americans with them --- will target shopping malls, apartment blocks and sports stadiums.

As part of a two- pronged attack, planes piloted by terrorists will crash into government buildings and national monuments, including the Washington Monument and Mt. Rushmore.

"Like the plague, the war will escalate quickly. Iraq will join with the 'Palestinians' and Iraqi troops will then be joined by others from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt." In the first week of November, President Bush will address the nation, announcing that 'American interests are being threatened and "we can no longer remain on the sidelines" Russia and China will adopt similar postures. Russia will align itself with the U.S., and China with the Arabs.

"A brief, bloody, global confrontation will ensue. America will emerge victorious, but with great loss of life, and the economy in ruins.

Enter the third Horseman - "Famine" With world commerce destroyed by plague and war, crops will die and rot in the fields. Starvation will stalk not only the Third World, but the richest nations as well.

But when things are at their very worst, and the (northern hemisphere) winter bites hard, the fourth Horseman makes his appearance.

"This rider was not "Death" as in Revelation, but becomes "Hope" his hand he is holding a stone tablet, on which is inscribed a prayer. Mother Theresa insisted that this prayer will be a spiritual suit of armour, protecting all who say it from the devastation wrought by the first three Horsemen.

"A miracle will be witnessed by millions of New Yorkers at the site of the twin towers. The towers will appear to rise again, and those who died will be seen wearing garments of purest white. The vision will last for almost a full day, before vanishing into the darkness of the evening. This will be a message of hope for the United States,and for the whole world.

"HOPE" will be the promise of a new message from Our Lady of Fatima. Hundreds at the Shrine will witness the Virgin predicting victory in the war, and a 1000 year Era of Peace on earth.

The Blessed Virgin will the disclose a 2000 year old secret - the date of Her Divine Son's return. Mother Theresa stated that the Second Coming of Christ MUST come within the lifetimes of most of the faithful who are now less than eighty years of age. Mother Theresa then gave the prayer of salvation, which follows at the end of this account. She then clasped her hands together, closed her eyes, and with an appearance of great peace and serenity, was taken to join the other saints and martyrs.

Mother Theresa did not disclose what the final outcome of the disasters would be, but left her witnesses with no doubt as to the immense power of the prayer she had revealed to them, the prayer inscribed on the stone tablet borne by the fourth Horseman; the one who had been transformed from "Death" to "Hope"

Prayer: O Lord God, Lead me from death to life; from lies to truth. Lead me from despair to hope; from fear to trust. Lead me from hatred to love; from war to peace. Let peace fill our hearts; our world; our universe. PEACE; PEACE PEACE.



I have found no reliable source that can validate this revelation. I found several publications named "Prophecy," but one of them had any reference to this article. No organization affiliated with Mother Teresa and her legacy has any information and it is conspicuously absent from her official web site. The e-mail contains many grammatical and spelling errors and even misspells Mother Teresa's name. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
I can find no reference to this "deathbead prophecy" that predates April, 2002. Mother Teresa died 4 years prior to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York, so it seems suspicious that this 'prophecy' did not surface sooner and does not include some foretelling of that event or anything prior to it. It would seem relevant. Also, Mother Teresa would have no reason to refer to the "site of the twin towers" in New York or "those who died," since the towers still stood at the time of her death.

Another reason to doubt this "prophecy" is its similarity to the fake Nostradamus predictions that surfaced days after the attack on New York. When affairs of state are at their worst, we often turn to a higher power (be it God, fate or some other force) for solace and hope that the worst is predictable, preventable and survivable. This "prophecy" serves this purpose well. Only time will tell how accurate it is, but it is very doubtful that it came from Mother Teresa. Break this chain!

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