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Created 10/4/2002 (10/4/2002) Before you send that personal note on your company's e-mail, stop to think about the consequences. Better yet, read this chain letter that's burning up inboxes in the UK and you'll think twice about sending any personal story via e-mail!

WARNING: Sexually oriented content follows.


From: Luxton, Trevor
Sent: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 9:20 AM
To: 'chris'; 'Kev'; 'rog'; 'sarts'; Weedon, Tony
Subject: Story time

Last night I was all geared up for a night in front of the telly watching football, having a ruby and a couple of beers while Jo's still away. suddenly I get a text from Laura my mates ex which says I'm coming round because I need to see you. So she comes round and we get chatting about all sorts of stuff and then we start kissing a fondling (as you do). Then I find my self sitting in the arm chair with a beer in one hand remote in the other, West ham on the box and Laura on her knees sucking my piece........

Then the phone rings and it's Jo who was bored at the airport...........

So now I've got my beer, Laura sucking and Jo chatting to me on the dog..... When Laura stops sucking looks up at me winks and whispers "say hello to Jo for me" and then gets back to the job in hand........

Am I the worst boyfriend in the world or what?????


This one is eerily reminiscent of the Claire Swire chain letter scandal of December, 2000. That one also originated in the UK, and some forwarders of this latest note have noted the similarities.

The story is presumably this: Early Wednesday Morning, Trevor Luxton, a 22 year-old administrator at French bank Credit Lyonnais in London, zaps a saucy little note off to five friends. In it, he describes receiving oral sex from a friend's ex-girlfriend (Laura) while he talks to his fiancee (Jo) on the phone. One of the so-called friends breaks trust and forwards it on to other friends and a new urban legend is born. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
The scandalous letter spreads far and wide in the subsequent 48 hours and eventually ends up in the news. UK's The Register even offers a T-Shirt with the message on it. Luxton's employer suspends him (with pay) while the company investigates what they call an "abuse of our email policy," something the firm takes very seriously.

Luxton's life has fallen apart since. He's facing unemployment, his engagement is most likely off, and he could be stuck with the mortgage on the house he and his fiancee recently bought. Add to that the negative media attention, and some would think the man has been amply punished for his transgression. But not everybody, as the letter continues to circulate.

There are a few shadows of doubt on the story, however. Some commentators have pointed out that the scene the letter describes resembles one in the John King novel "The Football Factory," possibly indicating the whole thing was made up. From the beginning, Luxton has denied sending the e-mail that has made him infamous. So, it's possible that he's the victim of a very cruel practical joke. Most likely, however, it's all true and he's trying to save face.

Regardless, don't get involved in the ruination of someone's life and career. Take Luxton's hard-earned lesson to heart and be more careful about what you send via e-mail. You never know who will read it. Break this Chain!

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