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Created 3/3/2003 (3/3/2003) On of the hallmarks of the Presidency of George W. Bush is his unfaltering faith. This is the latest in e-mail chain letters offering "proof" of his devotion.


FW:President Bush meets with Max Lucado

This is comforting... Max Lucado is a Christian author who is very popular for his many wonderful books about the Lord. This week, Max was invited (along with several other famous preachers) to have lunch at the White House with President Bush. Their meeting took place on Thursday and Max shared with us this morning how it had gone.

As the ministers sat down to lunch and waited for President Bush to appear, Max said that he was expecting G.W. to walk in the room looking tired, serious, and depressed. When the President came in, Max said he looked totally the opposite of tired: he was energetic, joyful, and very focused on his talk with the ministers.

Max asked President Bush how he could seem so calm and peaceful in the midst of all the tragedy. The President's reply was, "I'm feeling stronger now than I've ever been in my life. And the reason is because many persons in America are praying for me. When I stay on my knees, that's when I have power."

The ministers then asked the President how he would like them to pray for him, and how their congregations back home should be praying. Mr. Bush asked, first, for clarity of mind so that he could make wise decisions, and then he asked that we pray specifically for his wife and two daughters, as he is very concerned about their safety.

I knew that you would be as encouraged as I was to hear about this meeting. We must thank God that we have a President who loves and fears the Lord.

No human leader is perfect, but God is perfect, so let's keep President Bush lifted up in prayer before the Father.


For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you: Do not fear; I will help you. (Isaiah 41:13)

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Since President George W. Bush's faith is well-known, there is probably little reason to doubt the authenticity of this testimonial. A spokesperson for Max Lucado's UpWords Ministries told that Mr. Lucado did, indeed, attend a White House Lunch with the President in late 2002. Though he didn't know the source of the e-mail account, he assured me that it appears to be accurate. Unfortunately, Lucado offers no validation of the meeting on his site and my Internet searches only turned up copies of this chain letter, none with reliable attribution. recommends against forwarding any e-mail message that cannot be validated via an objective and reliable source, such as a web site. As a medium for information distribution, e-mail is unreliable and subject to change as it circulates. I've already noticed changes in this one since it began circulating in late 2002. I would never try to tell anyone what to pray for or not, but until a reliable source is found, I must suggest you break this chain.

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