Break the Chain Luck o' the Irish

Created 9/3/2002 (9/3/2002) I gave up trying to break good luck chain letters long ago, but so many annoyed people have asked me to break this one, that I feel compelled to say something about it.


This may sound nuts, but Dennis (a close friend of my niece) got this the other day and promptly sent it off. And about 10 minutes later a really nice financial windfall happened for his son Sean who he had sent it too as well. One of the people Sean had sent it to was responsible for the windfall.

Good Luck!! I hope it works for you too...

May there always be work for your hands to do;
May your purse always hold a coin or two;
May the sun always shine on your windowpane;
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;
May the hand of a friend always be near you;
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

OK, this is what you have to do.... Send this to all of your friends - including the one who sent it to you! But - you HAVE to send this within 1hour from when you opened it!

Now.................Make A wish!!!!!!

I hope you made your wish! Now, if you send to:

* 1 person --- your wish will be granted within 1 year
* 3 people --- 6 months
* 5 people --- 3 months
* 6 people --- 1 month
* 7 people --- 2 weeks
* 8 people --- 1 week
* 9 people --- 5 days
*10 people --- 3 days
*12 people --- 2 days
*15 people --- 1 day
*20 people --- 3 hours

If you delete this after you read it ... you will have 1 year of bad luck!

But... if you send it 20 of your friends will automatically have 3 years of good luck


Warning: If you truly believe that forwarding or deleting an e-mail message has some type of kharmic influence, then stop reading now because what I have to say about this one will probably offend you. So, you've been warned, so stop reading. I'm serious, stop now. You're going to regret this... - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
OK, fine, keep reading! See if I care, but know that continuing to read this article will give you bad luck for a kajillion years (that's a long time). Your hair will fall out and your skin will turn purple. Your dog will spontaneously transform into a cat and all your credit cards will melt the next time you use them.

But, seriously, folks... Juvenile notes like the one above have been circulating in junior high study halls for years and have found a new home on the 'net. They're harmless enough, but a recent poll of break the chain readers ranked good luck chain letters as the most annoying chain letter you can get. Most commented that they'd rather get commercial spam than good luck letters.

Why? Because it's embarrassing to think that our friends would be gullible enough to fall for such a ruse. Or maybe they didn't fall for it, they just forwarded it to us to be cute. But don't we all have better things to do than to re-read childish "do-this-or-else" letters? Check __Yes or __No. Break this chain!

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