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Created 12/6/2001 (4/17/2003) After years of being beaten up by fake "help someone by clicking" hoaxes, it's always refreshing to have one measure up. Unfortunately, chain letters are well known for lasting much longer than the charitable campaigns they tout.


Subject: Save Water

Thames Water have set up a website associated with Water Aid and will donate 50 000 pounds (which will provide water for life to people in Africa and Asia) if they have 2 million visitors to the site in the next 12 weeks.

It only takes a few seconds to visit the site and click on the 'Click here' message.

This is the web site:
Please assist by passing this email on.

END CHAIN LETTER TEXT - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners. was a collaboration of Thames Water and WaterAid, "the UK's only major charity dedicated to the provision of safe water, effective sanitation and hygiene promotion to the world's poorest people." Started February 28, 2001, the site collected more than 2 million clicks in its first few months, translating to 150,000 pounds in donations. Thames Water then donated another 50,000 pounds after the site collected a total of 4 million in June, 2002. The money will be used to "provide 500 toolkits to help dig wells in Africa and Asia and provide over 4,600 people with safe drinking water for life."

As with similar "Click to Donate" campaigns by Campbell's Soup and Avon, e-mail chain letters about easy charitable campaigns continue to circulate long after the campaigns close. This is most likely because we forward it before we try it.

Unfortunately, as with all good things, the "click to donate" campaign has come to an end. However, the coalition's Web site promises that it will return and still welcomes cash donations. They also want you to continue spreading the word about their efforts, but this chain letter is not the vehicle to do so, because it is outdated and full of misinformation. If you want to spread the word about, please do so, but use your own words, not this misleading note. Break this Chain.

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