Break the Chain This Ain't "Where's Waldo?"

Exclusive (9/17/2001) It is simply detestable that someone would attempt to cash in on heightened emotions following the September 11, 2001 "Attack on America." It's even more deplorable that he or she would do so with such an obvious scam.


Dear Human,

You are here to contribute finding location of Osama Bin Laden, the world most dangerous and wanted terrorist. Read below to know HOW.

We currently know that his group uses encryptions methods named steganography and public/private key encryption. (go, - seek for steganography for more information). We will not be able to crack down their conversation, but we will be able to find PRESENCE of that conversation (Osama uses well-known software, this gives us probability to implement robots that will locate usage of that software). And this will help us to track down his coordinates - then we think that official agencies will easily take care of him.

So who we are - we are group of enthusiasts - 7 hackers, 2 security analysts, 4 agents, and 2 managers is the CORE of team. So, pretty small team, but our individuals are EXTREMLY TALENTED. And many enthusiasts on the Net, which are ready to help install taps and other helpful things to track down steganography usage.

Currently we look for funding. To perform this operation well we need $160,000 during the next two weeks. You alone probably will not donate such amount for yet another possibility to find bin Laden. But TOGETHER we sure, that this amount will be easily reached. As our actions are against the law (normal citizen is not allowed to tap information, hack into providers :-), we are looking for alternative funding, funding from publicity. We hope everyone on the planet understand that terror should be stopped using any possible ways.

How to donate. We should know who you are (of course you can be anonymous), because if we successfully catch Osama, we will REFUND all the money and send you report. Write in payment details: "donation of". Also, use highest possible urgency level, as we should finish with the task as soon, as possible, while their group have not performed new hijacks.

Here are wire tranfer info:

Bank account: 336738570000
Name on account (beneficiary): Yury Mikhnavets
Name of the bank: SAMPO PANK
Bank address: Tallinn, Estonia, Narva mnt 11, 15015 S.W.I.F.T: FOREE2X
Payment details: donation of
Correspondent Bank: Bankers Trust Company
Correspondent Bank S.W.I.F.T: BKTRUS33
Urgency: the most urgent!

Also, please, forward this message to those, who may help us, because funding of our goals will help the whole world.

Thank you for your support, Yury.


Perhaps the most offensive aspect of this chain is that many people will fall (and are falling for it) for it. We are letting our grief, fear and thirst for revenge blind us to what is so obviously a scam to further victimize us. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
The encryption methods mentioned are legitimate strategies (PGP is considered an industry standard) used by people, companies and government agencies worldwide - not just terrorist cells. A group of hackers trying to crack that encryption poses almost as big a threat to democracy and commerce as the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Don't let your outrage and fear fool you into giving your money to total strangers to perform an illegal act for a higher purpose. Doing so would make you little better than those behind these attacks. If you have money to give to a worthy cause, give it to one that can truly make a difference, like the Red Cross. Break this Chain!

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