Break the Chain History or Religion?

Exclusive (1/16/2002) This letter (not reproduced here because of length and copyright issues) is an editorial by Reverend Austin Miles for the ASSIST News Service. It tells of a course on Islam being taught to 7th graders in Byron (California) Public Schools. It contains quotes from Elizabeth Christina Lemings, a Byron teacher who was unaware of the class until her son brought home paperwork for it. The article goes on to criticize the textbook for the class, Across the Centuries as a one-sided account. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
The article being circulated via e-mail was the match that lit the fuse to a powder keg. This revelation spurred a flurry of outrage and media coverage in the Byron area. But, just as the author accuses the textbook, this letter provides only one side of the story. provides both sides of the story. Check them out and Break this Chain.

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