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May 15, 2002

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In addition to searching more than 300 articles in our collection of Circulating Chain Letters, you can now search the Chain-Breaker's Forum to find the chain you're trying to break. This gives you quick, easy access to up to 150 posts from chain-breakers just like you.

Whether you're searching the Forum or the main database, choosing the right keywords will help you optimize your search results:

  • Start with a single keyword. Add more if you get too many results.

  • Use nouns as keywords. Names and places will generally get better results than verbs. Avoid using articles (a, an, the) and conjunctions (and, or, but).

  • Don't use subject lines. Subjects change as the message is forwarded. Pick your keywords from the body of the message instead.

For more tips, visit the search page.


What's Hot

An Offer You Can't Refuse?

While not technically a chain letter, many chain-breakers have asked me about a questionable looking "request for assistance" from somebody in a foreign country. You may have seen one yourself. It comes addressed to you and you're often told that the sender got your name and address from some chamber of commerce or World Trade Organization. The author often claims to be a family member or former employee of a deposed or deceased ruler, or an employee of a foreign bank.

They tell you that they have millions of dollars in the bank, but local laws or social conflicts prohibit them from directly accessing them. Where you come in is that if you let them transfer the funds into your account, they'll split the riches with you. Actually, what they'll do if you give them your account information is just split. This is a long-running and far-reaching scam that has bilked people around the world out of billions of dollars.

There are hundreds of different versions of the letter, but the formula is always the same. Since the names and places change with each new letter, they're hard to find in databases like ours. For more information on this scam and what to do if you get one, read more...


New & Updated Chains

A quartet of health warnings lead off the new and updated chains this time around...

Can shampoo give you cancer?

Will eating cucumber cancel out the carcinogenic effects of satay?

Is shrimp (prawns) and vitamin C a deadly combination.

Will wax from Instant Noodles build up in your stomach and kill you?

In other new and updated chains...

The Klez virus is real, but it's particularly dangerous because some versions of it look like a virus warning about it!

Another virus warning gets you to do the damage, this time telling you to delete jdbgmgr.exe.

The Exxon-Mobil boycott has gone international.

Should you boycott World Cup Soccer to stop the inhumane harvesting of dog meat?

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