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2003 Award Winners

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December, 2003 - The Duplicate Message Virus
Chain-Breaker Elk devised a clever way to let folks know when they've been duped by a virus warning hoax. Whenever he gets one, he replies to the sender, randomly deleting a few lines of text and adding "...but this one's worse" to the subject line and replies. He then immediately repeats the process, this time, sending the text from this month's Yanker.
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November, 2003 - Slow Down (A Parody)
By now, we've all certainly received the sickening "Slow Dance" poem, with or without the made-up attribution to a mythical dying girl. Chain-breaker Indianna expertly parodies that piece of dreck in this month's Yanker.
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October, 2003 - The Hazards of Living
Chain-Breaker Bree skewers the urgent health warning genre with this convincing advisory about a dangerous activity we all do every day.
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September, 2003 - No Chain Mail Please
Chain-Breaker Katrina found a way to make her anti-chain response rhyme, earning her the September Yanker. She deserves it simply for finding a way to use "self-actualization" in a poem.
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August, 2003 - Don't Ruin It
Chain-Breaker Chuck offers an insightful argument of what you do to even the best e-mail when you let it go out with the typical "forward or else" closer.
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July, 2003 - Coke: Tried It, Thought It'd Work. It Didn't.
One of the most enduring and popular legends is the one that prescribes numerous alternative uses for Coca-Cola, presumably effective because of the soda's high acid content. Chain-Breaker Jennifer decided to put these claims to the test for a class project. I don't know what grade she got, but she earns the July Yanker!
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June, 2003 - Bill The Leprechaun!
Sure, most of us don't believe that forwarding (or not forwarding) and e-mail will have karmic consequences, but how many times have you forwarded one of these "good luck or else" chains, anyway? Chain-Breaker Dan earns the June Yanker with his skewering of good luck chains and those who forward them.
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May, 2003 - Women Beware!
Urban legends that warn women of some nefarious l plot by strangers to do harm to them make popular chain letters. Chain-Breaker Elaine nominated this humorous take on the genre, earning the May Yanker.
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April, 2003 - An Offer You Can't Refuse
By now, most of us have gotten at least one Nigerian scam letter in which a foreign national asks our help to move millions of dollars out of his or her country. Chain-Breaker Rob decided to take a stab at demonstrating how ridiculous this offer really is, earning him the April Yanker.
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March, 2003 - Do The Math
Chain-Breaker Danielle offers a mathematically sound argument against the claim that Bill Gates wants to give the world money for sending e-mails.
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Febuary, 2003 - What They're Really Saying
An anonymous chain-breaker offers a skillful translation from sappy e-mail talk to real-life. The results are hilarious and frighteningly accurate.
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January, 2003 - An Animated Rant
This popular gem is the animated version of the April 2001 Yanker, adding a hilarious new twist to the ultimate anti-junk rant.
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