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2002 Award Winners

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August, 2002 - Hoaxes & Rumors: The Best Sucker Game Yet
After receiving the same old idiotic spam & rumors over and over again, Chain-Breaker Donna Adams composed this form letter to respond.
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July, 2002 - I Hate Forwards
Chain-Breaker Claire has a nice, but not so subtle way to let her friends know how much she hates any kind of forwarded e-mail message.
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June, 2002 - Thanks for the Warning
Chain-Breaker Jon uses this logical argument to help deter friends and family members who spread warnings about terrorist attacks.
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May, 2002 - It's a Scam, Ma'am
May's yanker is a popular, slightly off-color jab at the mass of common-senseless scam warnings going around.
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April, 2002 - Four Points
Chain-Breaker Dave pulls no punches in April's Yanker - a spirited and somewhat angry rant against the most annoying chain letters going around today.
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March, 2002 - The Virus Warning Generator
For the March Yanker, we've decided to toot our own horn. The Break the Chain Hoax-o-matic illustrates how easy it is to create a virus warning hoax.
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February, 2002 - The Taxman Prophecies
Beware of this pervasive scam that is perpetrated every year about this time. Oh, yeah, they'll tell you it's for important government programs, but I read in a chain letter it's scam, and chain letters don't lie, right?
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January, 2002 - Do A Different Dance
After getting the sappy "Dance like nobody is watching" poem 30 times in one week, Chain-Breaker Matt got so frustrated at its banality that he had to write his own. His efforts earned him the first Yanker of 2002.
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