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2000 Award Winners

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September, 2000 - The Honor System Virus
We've seen some pretty lazy hackers lately, but this one takes the cake. It relies on the kindness of strangers to make it work.
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August, 2000 - The Work Virus
This anonymously authored gem warns of the most dreaded virus to hit corporate America -- that old four-letter word. The author's mastery of the e-mail warning artform shows how easy it is to make any situation seem dire.
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July, 2000 - The Anti Chain Mail Entente
This month, we link to a very funny piece from FunnyMail that promises to make you immune from the ill effects of not forwarding chain mail, so that you'll be free to delete without fear from now on!
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June, 2000 - GoodTimes Virus 2.0
For June, the Yanker is a variant on the "Worst Virus Yet" (Yank the Chain winner for January, 2000), only funnier!
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May, 2000 - I know this guy...
We've seen all the messages that say that "This happened to a friend of a relative, so I know it's true." Well, this one combines all of them into one. Delving into virtually every hoax currently circulating, the anonymous author of this gem paints the picture of a very bad day!
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April, 2000 - The Gullibility Virus
For April, we salute the first believable virus warning we've seen in a long time. It cites impressive-sounding sources, has lots of big words, and tells you exactly what you need to know. It has to be true, right?
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February, 2000 - How many cyberheads does it take...
February's "Yanker" goes to a humorous take on e-mail and newsgroups by asking 'how many people does it take to change a lightbulb in cyberspace.'
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January, 2000 - The Worst Virus Yet
Our first "Yanker" of 2000 is awarded to a humorous warning about the 'worst virus yet.' Again, the author is anonymous, but the sarcasm is universal. It starts out semi-believable, but quickly points out how ridiculous virus warnings can be.
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December, 1999 - The Ultimate Chain Letter
This month's award goes to a lively rant against forwarded chain letters written by an anonymous author. Our mystery scribe flat out debunks the most popular chain letter claims, and explains succinctly why he/she just doesn't care about the rest. Be advised, however, that this message is written quite passionately and may contain some language that isn't suitable for all audiences.
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