Break the Chain Yanking the Chain Award
October 2001

A reader tries his hand at creating one of those ridiculous "share this with your friends or else" chains.

Subject: Good Luck and Friendship
(Written by a reader)


Read all of this mail, and then decide what to do. Not sending this on could have very serious consequences!

True story 1: Seymour Clearly, an optician from New York, returned home one day to read this letter. He deleted it without even reading all of it. Moments later a rabid mutant hamster from the local animal experimentation laboratory crashed through his door and ate him alive! He was caught with only time to scratch 'I didn't send on the e-mail' in felt-tip pen on his carpet.

True story 2: April Showers, a little known weather reporter from rural Kentucky had just sent her novel manuscript to the publishers. She did not send this e-mail to the required ten people and ended up drowning in rejection letters. In a following seance, she admitted it was because she did not send on this e-mail.

True story 3: Ivan E. Mayle, an internet fanatic, read this letter and sent it on to as many people as he could! He even wrote it down on paper so he could send it to those unfortunates without a computer. He later became interested in politics and ended up as one of the lesser known presidents of the United States.

If you send this on, you too can get lucky like Ivan. Here it is:

A poem about friendship

Friends are people who love and care
Friends are people who always share
Even those stupid letters in their e-mail box
With poems that stink as bad as unwashed socks

Friends always know when to say something funny
Friends are suckers you can go to for extra money
And if they're true, your friendship won't stop
When you trample on them on your way to the top

If you send this to 10 people:
You will have your favourite food rain on you from the sky next time you go out

If you sent this to 15 people:
You will get a free supply of chocolate for a year from a long-lost relative, and find 10 000 dollars stashed in your sofa

If you send this to 20 people:
You will become a multi-millionaire within a month.

If you send this to 25+ people:
You will discover you have amazing super-powers that can enable you to work for the greatest good, or at least earn you some seriously decent cash.

If you send this to 6 billion people:
You will become immortal, invincible, and the most-liked person in the world.

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