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Lock Your Car Safely & Properly
Date: Aug 14, 2008 10:14:21 AM PDT
Author: karen1596

Is this possible?

This is very troubling what lengths people will go to to steal what doesn't
belong to them ! 100% of the time I lock my car on the door lock inside when
I exit the car. Little did I know that is the best way to lock your car.
Read on......

Beware folks. This is news you can use.


My oldest son came over yesterday- he had to go to Canada for work la st
One of the other engineer's traveling to Canada with him, but in his own
car had something happen...that I need to share.

While traveling he stopped at the roadside park, similar to what we have
here with bathrooms, vending machines etc. He came out to his car less than 4-5
minutes later and found someone had gotten into his car, and stolen his cell
phone, laptop computer, gps navigator name it.

They called the police and since there were no signs of his car being broke
into- the police told him that there is a device that robbers are using now
to clone your security code when you lock your doors on your car using your
key-chain locking device..

They set a distance away and watch for their next victim. Since they know
you are going inside of the store, restaurant, or bathroom and have a few
minutes to steal and run. The police office be sure to manually lock
your car door-by hitting the lock button inside the car, that way if there is
someone setting in a parking lot watching for their next victim it will not be

When you hit the lock button on your car upon does not send
the security code, but if you walk away and use the door lock on your key chain
- it sends the code thru the airwaves where it can be stolen.

I just wanted to let you know about is something totally new to
us...and this is just happened this past Thursday June
19th to his co-worker...

So be aware of this and please pass this note on..look how many times we all
lock our doors with our keys...just to be sure we remembered to lock
them....and bingo the guys have our code...and whatever was in the car...can be

Keep safe everyone!



Date: Aug 14, 2008 11:13:39 AM PDT
Author: Debby


"The demons who started this have no idea about the kind of people they have taken on... Americans will recover their dead, and they will mourn them, and then they will get down to business."


Lock your car safely and properly
Date: Sep 11, 2008 10:43:43 PM PDT
Author: fasd

Installing your car seat properly is key. The CG Lock is a unique car safety device for parents with kids sitting in booster seats.
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Lock your car safely and properly
Date: Sep 11, 2008 10:46:54 PM PDT
Author: fasd

For safety purpose I lock my car with a key. It gives me more comfortable. I want my car should be personal and get relaxed.
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