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Target's Return Policy
Date: Sep 12, 2007 5:06:23 PM PDT
Author: ChainBreaker

A Target employee speaks out Re:

I am a seasoned employee at the Service Desk (Returns Counter) and read the top letter and was a little angry. This guest has only read the policy how it is stated on-line. The true fact of the matter is that, If a guest has their receipt, and is dated with in the 90 days, we will credit them the FULL purchase price on the item- no questions asked. Target DOES NOT reduce your price on your return if you have your receipt. The real problem comes in when the guest does not have a receipt. We have trained our team members that this is not a true policy, and that Target has re-visited this policy. At my store, we have had so many fraud returns, that honestly, I applaud Target. Fraud Returns make our prices higher and, either way you look at it, will make the guest upset.

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